Reporting your wins directly enhances your performance on Kinnek. By verifying wins, you can:

  • Boost your ranking on customer searches

  • Receive more and better leads

  • Climb the product leaderboard

  • Receive better insights from Kinnek

The more wins you have, the more your ranking goes up on Kinnek. Buyers can see the ranking of suppliers and the amount of sales that a supplier has had. This is important to buyers and can drive their decision if they’re going to move forward with making a purchase with you. It helps a buyer feel more comfortable when they see that you’ve made recent sales to other customers and that you have a high ranking.

Reporting wins means that we can help you have a better match and allows us to provide you with the most relevant sales leads. With each win you have, Kinnek gets smarter about what type of buyer is the best fit for your product. A more accurate buyer match leads to more wins. 

You will receive more leads from Kinnek when you have wins within a specific category or product. There is some prioritization of who receives leads first, so if you report wins, it will help your chance of being at the top of that list. We also use win data in our marketing. The more wins you report, the more opportunities you’ll have to be showcased to buyers. 

In addition, verified wins allow Kinnek to provide you with more data about how you stand on the platform compared to others and what to do to continue improving your account and sales. We want you to be able to see how much value you’re getting out of Kinnek. Individual user win reports are also shared with your supervisor, so we can keep performance metrics for you. You’ll be able to track and know your true ROI from Kinnek.

Finally, by reporting your wins, you’re also honoring your Kinnek agreement

Knowing where wins are going allows us to optimize our marketplace and continue to provide increasingly more valuable service to you. We want to help you win!

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