Our goal is to collect commission for sales that we genuinely assisted, not those you would have gotten without us. To reduce gray areas, here’s some additional information on how we view and handle disputes.

Removing Pending Wins:

We’ve made correcting incorrect win statuses of Pending Wins very simple. You can change the win status direct in your account by selecting “Remove Win” from the Action Items of the lead and making  the appropriate adjustments, anytime within the 30 day window.

We recommend making this a regular maintenance practice on your account to ensure accurate billing and reduce issues. 

Disputing Verified or Auto-Verified Wins:

Once a lead has been Verified (an invoice uploaded) or auto-verified (which occurs after 30 days if you take no action), the status can’t be changed directly within your account. To change the status after it has been verified, contact supplier-support@kinnek.com or your Kinnek Account Manager. Disputes at this stage will be handled on a case by case basis, and will appear as “Under Review” in your billing page until it is resolved.

Disputing Wins After They’ve Been Billed:

We make every effort to communicate wins associated with your account to ensure accurate billing, but in the off case your win is disputed after we’ve charged you for the bill, please reach out to us directly. If a dispute is accepted we will credit your account.

Here’s our stance of common disputes:

“I won, but I already knew this customer.”

Kinnek differentiates between a customer that is a name in your CRM system, and one that has active communication in process with you prior to the lead being delivered.

If you were in active communication prior to lead delivery, it’s much more likely that you would have gotten this sale without us. In this case we simply ask for a record showing active communications in the 90 days prior to lead delivery. Even conversations via phone likely have some sort of email follow up.

If you weren’t in communication with that buyer, note that Kinnek considers those viable wins and will be subject to fees.

“The buyer returned the items and was refunded.” 

Please provide documentation showing that the customer was refunded and for how much, within in 30 days of filing a dispute with us. If appropriate, we’ll adjust the commission amount or void the commission entirely depending on the type of refund.

“I won, but the subtotal you are charging commission on is wrong.”

Please provide us with an updated invoice that clearly breaks out the product subtotal, shipping & handling, and any taxes. 

“I won but the customer only paid me the deposit so far.”

When it comes to deposits or multiple payments, we have a few options to help manage your cash-flow. 

  • Kinnek will bill and charge you the appropriate commission on the product subtotal at once.

  • Kinnek will work with you to schedule the commission charges on a timeline that is aligned with the expected payment from the customer. There are some limitations to the overall time frame, which your account manager will be able to outline. 

  • You may use the Kinnek Payment Processor to process payment(s) from your customer, and Kinnek will automatically deduct the appropriate commission at the time of each transaction (we get paid when you do!). 

Still have Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at supplier-support or contact your account manager who can explain our process in more detail. 

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