When we send you a lead, we go to great lengths to understand whether you won the sale. The reason is simple: Wins are how we evaluate the quality of the connections we make between buyers and suppliers as well as the value we bring to our partners. 

Given the long sales cycles and multiple touch points typical in this industry, we know it can be difficult to attribute and communicate wins back to Kinnek consistently.  Also, when we find out about a win from another source (a buyer, for example), we want to make it easier for you review and confirm the win.

As a result, we’ve built two new features designed to make verifying wins and tracking your Kinnek billing simpler and more transparent. They are:

  • Win Dashboard: Allows you to view and verify your wins in one place.

  • Billing Portal: Allows you to view your upcoming bill and any commissions for the wins that have been reported by you or the buyer.

Important note:

We recommend you first review how our billing process works in 2018. It’s important context as the tools below will help you manage this process.

Win Dashboard

Our new “Win Dashboard” is designed to do a few key things:

  • Enable you to view all the leads that have been reported to us as wins easily in one place. 

  • Highlight any Pending Wins where we do not have the final price (i.e. the invoice) and allow you to Verify Win Details by uploading an invoice so we can bill you accurately.

  • Enable you to correct the status of a win (for example, you’re still working on it), so that we can ensure your upcoming bill accurately reflects commissions owed to us.

You can find our new Win Dashboard in the left hand navigation in your account, which looks like this:

Included in this new section are three new win stages for the leads you’ve quoted.

  • Pending Wins: All leads that have been reported as won by either you or the buyer, but either haven’t been confirmed by you or the invoice hasn’t been uploaded. 

  • Verified Wins: All leads that have been reported as won and verified via an invoice or by auto-verification (after 30 days). You will be billed for the commission on these wins.

  • Leads Lost: These are leads where we know the buyer has purchased from another supplier.

By selecting any of these win stages, you will be able to view the associated leads and their win details. In particular, the “Pending Wins” stage is designed to make it easy for you to see which wins have been reported to us, to confirm or correct them, and to upload the invoice for confirmed wins.

Pro Tip:

It’s very important that, every month, you review your Pending Wins and either verify the final price by uploading the invoice, or correct the status of the win. We’ll send you an email reminder every  Monday to reminder you of the Pending Wins you still need to verify. 

If you don’t take action within 30 days, a win will be auto-verified, and the commission for the win will be reflected in your bill. 

Billing Portal

We created our Billing Portal to help you actively manage and anticipate your current month’s bill.

  • Keep track of Kinnek fees so you can anticipate the amount of your Kinnek bill when the month ends.

  • Access historical billing statements in one place.

Your current active billing statement will reflect all potential charges for the month including platform fees, per lead fees and commissions where applicable. Note that this will include both Verified Wins as well as Pending Wins that will auto-verify this month.

This is a great tool to ensure your upcoming bill is accurate before the billing cycle ends. 

You can find our new Billing Tool in the left hand navigation in our new “Accounts” section, which looks like this:

Our new billing statement is viewable to primary users, accounting users, and users granted permission to view it by a primary user. To make changes to which users can see this page on your account, please contact supplier-support@kinnek.com or your Kinnek Account Manager.

Pro Tip:

Review the information on your billing statement a few times a month to ensure the wins are accurate, and to correct wins before they are auto-verified after 30 days. If you believe that a win that has been verified or auto-verified is incorrect, you’ll need to reach out to us before per our win dispute policy.

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