Every single month, Kinnek's platform generates millions of impressions among the primary decision-makers at businesses across North America.  One of the most effective ways to help your company's Kinnek presence get more of these impressions is to upload some products onto your Kinnek profile.  This can help your company get found by more potential customers and close more sales as a result.

The products section of your Kinnek profile, complete with photos, product information, and specifications, enables more potential customers to discover you and turn visits to your profile into leads and sales. The best part? It's free.

Do I need to provide pricing for every product?

Here at Kinnek, we work with thousands of suppliers like yourself that sell to other businesses.  So, we completely understand that your service, your products, and your quality cannot easily be simply boiled down to a price.  You're not just a number.  That's why we allow you to provide flexible pricing options for your products:

  • No pricing: Sometimes you may not want to / cannot provide pricing for a product, due to its custom nature.  We can handle that!

  • Price range: Sometimes you may just want to reveal a broad price range for a product to give the customer a ballpark estimate of what they should expect.  That's fine, too!

  • Volume-based price breaks: You may have a product that you charge different rates for depending on the volume being purchased.  We can handle that easily!

  • Exact price: There may be products that you simply have your list price for, and there's no budging from that.  We of course can handle that, as well.

How can customers contact me about my products?

When potential customers visit any of your product pages on Kinnek, they will see a button that says "Click to Get Quote" on the right-hand side of the page:  

After clicking on the button, they will be prompted to provide their contact information, and we will email you that information immediately so that you can contact them yourself:

That's it!  No strings attached, no complications.

Getting started

Each of your products will get its own dedicated page, linked directly from your Kinnek profile. The more information you're able to provide, the better your product catalog will look. The following are recommended:

Gathering your product information

If your website was set up via an in-house or contracted webmaster (eg. Shopify), there should be a way to pull your product information in just a few minutes. Use the instructions linked below or contact them on how to generate an Excel or CSV (comma separated values) file. 

If not, we find the information is generally consolidated in some central place. Sometimes it is in an internal spreadsheet, a quoting tool, or an internal database. We recommend asking the person who handles your IT or working with someone from our team to determine the best way to gather this information.

Quick links on obtaining a product information CSV from your website

Finalizing the process

Send the file to your Kinnek Account Manager, and we will create the Products section of your profile. Depending on the complexity of the file, the process can take 2-4 weeks. 

We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way and send you a preview before publishing. Once you confirm, your product catalog will be available for anyone visiting your Kinnek profile, and we'll notify you automatically when potential customers request more information. We'll also provide regular analytics so you can see which of your products are receiving the most customer interest.

Have more questions, or ready to start? Contact us now to start working with our Account Management team to get your product catalog online!

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