We know not all leads are valued the same, and finding the "best" leads isn't always simple. We want to clarify how we price leads based on their unique value, and help you evaluate which leads to accept. 

Here are the steps we take when evaluating a lead:

  1. An initial price is established based on the product's estimated sales value. 

  2. The price is then adjusted up or down based on the customer's business profile and purchase likelihood. 

Leads with higher revenue opportunity and purchase probability are priced higher. However, lower priced leads turn into meaningful sales so it's important to review the details of each lead. 

Here's how we would adjust the price of a bottle filler lead up or down based on a few attributes. 

In this example, the highest priced lead is for a more complex machine and from a customer with greater purchase likelihood. 

Ultimately, you're in control of selecting the leads you choose to purchase. Our goal is to help you evaluate leads. 

If you still have questions on lead pricing, please contact your account manager.

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