More than ever, your prospective customers are looking for objective sources of reputation online.  Here are three numbers that tell the entire story:*

  • 94% of prospective customers look up suppliers online before doing business with them.  That's whether or not they meet you at a trade show or speak to you over the phone.

  • 85% of prospective customers trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • 30% of prospective customers do online research to evaluate a supplier after receiving a quote.  So receiving a custom quote from you is just the beginning of their research process.

Why should you care?

Businesses are 4x more likely to purchase from a supplier for whom they found positive reputation information.

How can Kinnek help you?

Over the years, we've worked with hundreds of thousands of business owners to help them find the best suppliers.  We've handled billions of dollars in quotes, and have analyzed millions of data points.  Through it all, we learned what factors are most important for strengthening the reputation of businesses.  Reputation is everything in the business world, and we've learned the keys to building a strong business reputation.

That's why we launched Kinnek Reputation.  We give your business the third-party validation that you could never get on your own website.

Kinnek Reputation
puts you in control of your online reputation:

  1. Set up your Kinnek profile with information that we've determined is critical to strengthening your reputation in the eyes of prospective customers.

  2. Collect verified reviews and endorsements from your existing customers, further strengthening your reputation.

  3. Start telling the world!  Share your Kinnek profile with prospective and existing customers and incorporate it into your sales and marketing process.

We're changing the way businesses build trust between each other, and people are taking notice- from investors, to press, to businesses.

Top investors in the US have invested over $30 million in Kinnek because it works.

Thousands of North American manufacturers and distributors are proud Kinnek members.

Contact us to start working with our dedicated Account Management team to build your Kinnek profile and control your online reputation!

*Data from: Harvard Business Review, Acquity Group "State of B2B Procurement Study" 2014, Google B2B purchasing study

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