Imagine a world in which building your trustworthiness in the eyes of prospective customers was as simple as BCC'ing an email address. Sound pretty amazing?  Well that's exactly what Kinnek Trust Assistant enables you to do.  It's an automated assistant whose only job is to validate your trustworthiness to prospective customers.

How it works

  1. When emailing a prospect -- whether you're sending them a quote, following up after meeting them at a trade show, or just catching up- simply BCC the Kinnek Trust Assistant email address (

  2. What happens next will feel like magic.  Kinnek Trust Assistant automatically emails the prospect with a full report of the most impressive highlights about your reputation straight from your Kinnek profile.

Simply BCC your Kinnek Trust Assistant email address...

...and your prospective customers will automatically be emailed the most impressive highlights from your Kinnek profile!

You don't need to remember to link to your Kinnek profile.  You don't need to ask your Webmaster to put a link to your Kinnek profile anywhere on your website.  And if you add more information to your Kinnek profile or get new reviews from customers, you don't need to change a thing- the Kinnek Trust Assistant will automatically include the most recent, relevant information the next time it's used.  You can now be in control of your online reputation -- every time you email a prospect!

To keep track of which prospective customers are being sent your Trust Reports, who's viewing them, and which of them are demonstrating renewed interest in your Trust Report (a sign of a warming prospective customer), we provide you with an easy-to-use dashboard just for you.  It would be similar to this sample one which you can check out.

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