You've added photos, affiliations, press links and more to your Kinnek profile - you've even earned some badges by filling out information about your company! Now what? Boast about all that valuable third-party-validated information on your Kinnek profile by sharing it with your current and prospective customers. We've come up with a few ideas on how you can easily make the most of your Kinnek profile:

Share on social media 

As soon as your Kinnek profile is complete, share the link with all of your followers on Facebook, twitter and instagram. Unlike social media sites, Kinnek actually verifies that the reviews left for you are by actual customers, giving those reviews more value in a potential customer's eyes.  

Add a Kinnek badge to your website

Add one of our stylish Kinnek badges to link directly from your company website to your Kinnek profile. The badges come in many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. See the full list here, including instructions for your webmaster on how to add the badges to your own website.

Update your e-mail signature 

Include a link within your email signature to direct all current and potential customers you correspond with to your Kinnek profile. When they click the link,  they can learn about your qualifications, view photos and videos, read verified reviews, and more.

Build third party validation on quotes

Add one of our Kinnek Badges to any quote you send out. This allows you to control where potential customers go to search for third party validation of your company. Instead of letting them search on their own, send them to your Kinnek profile!

Bonus! Mention Kinnek in your sales pitches
When you are pitching potential customers on the phone, you can earn their trust by mentioning your reviews, the badges you've earned, or all of your associated affiliations (all third party validated) on your Kinnek profile. 

In addition to the existing customer references you likely provide to prospects, include a link to your Kinnek profile to build even more trust in those interested in making a purchase from you!

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