You work hard to build and maintain the positive reputation of your business, but unfortunately sometimes circumstances unfold beyond your control that lead to a negative review of your company. And though it may seem counterintuitive, every negative review you receive is really an opportunity for you to change someone’s mind about your business and win a customer for life. 

If you handle the complaint properly, your customers will show even greater loyalty to your company - and be more likely to share their new positive experience with their network in person and on social media. If you play it right, you can turn the situation around to improve their impression of your business.

Negative reviews can be a positive experience

Negative reviews can help you learn from your mistakes. Complaints or negative reviews may even illuminate issues within the current way your company operates that have been hard to identify from your side of the business. The more you know about what potential weaknesses might be present, the more you can adapt to make those areas stronger. Negative reviews can provide you with the insights needed to make improvements that will lead to more satisfied customers in the long run. This is why encouraging all reviews - even negative ones - is important.

Negative reviews lead to second chances

The best thing about a bad review is that you will have the opportunity to respond in a way that will win the customer over for good. When a customer leaves a negative review, that provides you with an opportunity to engage with them one more time. And also keep in mind that just because some part of their experience was not ideal (and that’s what the review focuses on), that doesn’t mean that their entire experience was negative. The negative review provides you with an avenue to have a dialogue with the customer to hear about their experience and offer to improve the relationship, essentially providing you with a second chance to make things right.

Negative reviews give you credibility 

Business owners are savvy enough to know that as a fellow business owner you are going to hand-pick and publish the reviews that make you look the best on your website and marketing materials. If you only share the 5 star reviews without any lower ones in the mix, potential customers will assume that you’ve filtered out all the negative reviews, making you appear less trustworthy. If you display negative reviews, but publicly react to them in a way that shows you understand the original complaint and took steps to remedy the situation, this shows the potential customer that you are a reputable company that owns up to its mistakes and does what is needed to right a wrong.

Negative reviews lead to better purchasing decisions

Negative reviews help to set realistic expectations in a way that positive reviews may not. Before making a purchase, your customers are more often than not comparing and contrasting your products against others. If a customer leaves you a review that a piece of equipment did not work as described or wasn’t compatible with another part, this helps future customers know about existing issues - avoiding more negative feedback for you in the future, and giving you a chance to adapt the product if necessary. 

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