How many reviews do I need?
Our research shows that a potential customer is 30% more likely to purchase from you if you have at least a handful of reviews on your Kinnek profile, but that likelihood doubles if you have 10 reviews or more. For this reason, we recommend that you collect at least 10 reviews on Kinnek to increase your chances of winning more quotes.

How to collect reviews?
We want to make collecting verified customer reviews as seamless as possible for you.  We've included not one, but two ways to easily request reviews from your past customers within our Kinnek Reputation product. To request reviews from past customers, simply click the red "Request reviews" button at the top of the reviews section on your profile (this is only visible to you when logged in, your customers see only the reviews themselves).

This will bring you to a screen where you can either:

1.) Copy your unique request review link with the click of a button and send it to your best customers.


2.) Paste email addresses of your best customers and let us handle everything for you.  We'll request reviews from those customers on your behalf!

How to request reviews by letting Kinnek do the work
The least-effort way for you to get trust-generating, verified customer reviews on your Kinnek profile is to simply paste email addresses of your best customers into the field provided.  Kinnek will handle emailing those customers on your behalf, and will notify you when they've written reviews.  Check out how easy it is below!

How to request reviews using the review link
Once copied, your review link can be shared with your customers via:
   • Email or text message
   • Social media
   • Invoices, quotes, and other documents
   • Link from your website

Here's an example message you can include in your email request to existing customers - feel free to copy the text below and change however you'd like, this is just an example! Also be sure to replace the text within the brackets with the information specific to your customer(s). 

Hi {{Customer Name}}, 

Thanks for choosing {{Company Name}}! We truly appreciate your business and hope that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. 

As a business owner yourself, you know how important reviews can be for future business. With that in mind, can I ask you a favor? In order to better serve you and others, could you click on the link below to submit a review on Kinnek about your experience with us? 


We appreciate your help and thanks again for your business! 


{{Your Name}}

What is the experience like for a customer?
When your customer clicks on the link included in the message, they will be directed here: 

Customers have the opportunity to write an open ended review, rate your product quality, communication and shipping time, as well as endorse you for a variety of business capabilities. 

The importance of verified reviews
We request that the customer include an invoice to verify that they've actually done business with you in the past. Potential customers trust third-party validated information more than information you post to your own website. With Kinnek Reputation, we go the extra step to verify that any review coming in is made by an actual customer and not your competition trying to bad-mouth you so that your customers can trust the reviews on your Kinnek profile without a doubt. We let your customers know which reviews are verified by  denoting them with a green verified checkmark on your profile: 

Once a customer submits a review and verifies their email address, the review will be posted and you will receive an email notification so you can read all your latest reviews!

Reviews are more powerful with Kinnek Reputation
When you sign up for Kinnek Reputation you have more control over your reviews. Enhanced capabilities include:

  1. Choose up to three featured reviews to appear above the rest. 

  2. Uploading verification documents on behalf of your customers (if they skip the verification step) in oder to display the green "verified customer" check. 

  3. Leave a public response to reviews to show that you are engaged with your customers and appreciate their feedback. 

Reach out to your account manager today if you'd like to learn more about Kinnek Reputation and the enhanced review features that are included with the plan.  

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