As a supplier that sells to other businesses, we know that you often have customers that require financing- not just for your own products, but for all of the purchases they make, as well as for the general operation of their businesses.  That's why we recently launched our Business Loan Referral program.  Through this program, you can help your own customers potentially get access to critical financing that they need to run their business (and possibly purchase more products from you), and generate an entirely new stream of income for your business.  It's a win-win.

The program is extremely simple.  You will get a special link that you can share with your customers- it could be via a mass email, it could be a one-off email to specific people, it could be over the phone- it's completely up to you.  Every time that one of your customers visits the link, applies for a loan and gets approved, Kinnek will pay you a $500 referral bonus.  It's that simple. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Kinnek providing this service?
Kinnek wants to help small businesses get access to financing to empower them to run their businesses successfully.  Getting financing is a difficult, frustrating task for many small business owners, and we wanted to help.  We thought that by helping our suppliers earn significant referral bonuses, we could encourage more suppliers to help their own customers get access to critical financing.  In this way, we could further our mission of helping small businesses.

Who will be providing the actual funds to my customers?

Fundbox is Kinnek's financing partner, and they will be disbursing the funds to customers who are approved for financing.  Over 100,000 businesses across the country use Fundbox, and they are one of the largest players in the Small Business Lending space.  They have raised over $100 million in capital from leading investors, and are one of the best-reviewed and best-regarded financing companies in the country.

Do I need to sell equipment to offer this?
No, you can sell anything!  Our Business Loan Referral program is available to any supplier on Kinnek.  As long as your customers are small-and-medium-sized businesses based in the United States, you will likely be able to help them and earn a lot of income through this program.

What if I already have my own financing program?
That is fantastic, and it should not impact your ability to use this program.  Your own financing program is likely used by your customers to get financing specifically for purchases made from you.  This program helps your customers apply for general business loans and lines of credit, so they can use the funds for general business operations and for purchases from any supplier.  So you can still encourage your customers to see if they'll qualify for a loan through this program, and you will still get paid a $500 referral bonus per customer that is approved- even if you have your own financing program already in place.

My customers often make very small purchases from me.  Can I still do this?
Of course!  This program helps your customers apply for general business loans and lines of credit, so they don't need to specifically use the funds just to pay for purchases from you.  

Will my company be exposed to any risk associated with the loans, payment of the loans, etc.?
Absolutely not.  Any risk associated with the loan is dealt with by Fundbox (our financing partner).

How much is the referral bonus?
You will be paid $500 for each customer that you refer that is approved for a loan.  No fine print, it's straightforward.

What exactly does my customer need to do for me to receive a referral bonus?
All your customer needs to do is apply for a loan through the special link that we will provide for you to share.  The approval process is extremely quick and simple- that's the advantage of Fundbox's service.  If your customer is approved for a loan, then you get paid by Kinnek.  Even if your customer does not get approved, they will not be contacted by Kinnek or Fundbox or be spammed in any way.

How will Kinnek track this?
Kinnek will provide you with a special link that contains a unique tracking ID for your company.  This way, whenever your customers visit the link and get approved for a loan, we will be able to track it easily.

How often will I be paid out?

At the end of each calendar month, Kinnek will aggregate the amount of referral bonus owed to you based on the number of loan approvals from your customers that month, and will pay you.

Is there a limit to how many referral fees I will be paid?
No there isn't!  Even if you refer dozens of customers who get approved for loans, you will be paid a $500 bonus for each approved customer.  There's no limit to how many you can be paid for, and there's no limit to the timeframe you can do it in.  Refer as many people as you want, whenever / however you want.

How long does this program run for?
Kinnek is running this program through August 15 ,2019.  Depending on the success of the program, we may extend this date.

Can my customer use the funds to pay for my products?
Yes, absolutely.

Does my customer have to use the funds to pay for my products?
No they do not.  That's the beauty of this program- your customer can use the funds to pay for what they need for their business, whether that's a purchase from you, or a purchase from another supplier.  Regardless of who they pay or how they use the funds, you will still be paid the $500 referral bonus!  

Are there any upfront application fees for my customers?
None whatsoever.  Your customers can check to see if they qualify for a loan, and talk with a Fundbox representative to learn more about the terms, without paying anything.  They can even get approved for a loan and not pay a cent- they only pay fees once they draw on the loan.  So there's no downside for your customers at all!

Ok, I'm interested.  How do I get started?

That is great!  You can simply notify your company's Kinnek Account Manager, and they will provide you with your company's special referral link.  Then, you're off to the races!  Simply share that link in whichever way you want- via email, via text, over the phone, etc.  As long as you use the exact link provided to you, Kinnek will easily be able to track the referral bonuses owed to you right from the get-go.

Who can I contact for the particulars of being paid my referral fees?
You can contact our Finance Team at, or ask your company's Kinnek Account Manager.  They'll be glad to assist you.  You can also call (800) 784-3151 if you have questions.

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