We’ve partnered with Fundation to help customers like yours access loans for their business purchases.*  

Becoming a Kinnek Financing Partner will enable you to offer financing solutions directly to your customers both on and off Kinnek and could persuade customers to purchase from you over your competitors. There's absolutely no cost to you nor commitment, it's simply another benefit of your Kinnek membership. 

What do you receive as a Kinnek Financing Partner?

  • Recognition On your Kinnek profile, you’ll be clearly identified to customers as a supplier offering financing using bright, clear call-to-actions.

  • Custom Collateral We’ll build you a custom, co-branded and optimized landing page for you to share with your customers. 

  • Personalized Strategy We’ll work with you to develop a personalized offering and integration strategy that will be customized specifically for your business.

How to leverage your Kinnek Financing partnership

  • On your website: Dedicate a page or section on your website to your financing offerings and/or simply add a link or button on your website that directs to your custom financing landing page. 

  • In your quotes: Allow your customers to opt into financing options in your quote request form. In your quotes you can provide customers with examples of what their pay overtime payment installments may be when approved for a loan from Fundation. We'll give you access to a simple loan calculator. 

  • In your email correspondence: Link to your landing page in your email signature or in the body of your correspondence with customers.

Already have a financing partnership?
Even if you already offer financing options to your customers, you can also include Fundation’s offering. Since most customers approach several different financial institutions to find the one that works best for them, they will appreciate another recommendation from a supplier they trust. You can learn how Fundation compares to other lenders here

More about Fundation

Fundation offers term loans up to $500,000 with up to 5 year repayment terms and lines of credit up to $100,000. Learn more about their solutions here

Why we partnered with Fundation

  • Recognized as the most responsible non-bank lender in the market.

  • Their mission is to help small to medium sized businesses secure financing. Fundation takes the time to understand the needs of a small to medium sized business on a case by case basis to find a solution that will work best for them.

  • They provide transparent communication on interest rates and payment installments. Your customers will know exactly what they need to repay and there are no early payment penalties. 

  • Offer a completely digital process to accelerate the application and approval time. Unlike with other banks, your customers will know in as little as 24 hours if they've been approved for financing through Fundation. 

Speak to your account manager to learn more and enroll.  You'll receive your unique financing page within a few days.

*Interested in financing for your own business? You can apply for term loans and lines of credit as well. Visit https://kinnek.fundation.com/ to apply.  

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