Lines of credit are ideal for customers interested in payment options for purchases less than $15,000 or when funds are needed for ongoing purchases. 

With Fundation your customers can apply for a line of credit from $20-100K and can withdraw as little as $500 at a time. What’s great is that there’s no obligation to withdraw the entire amount but it’s available when needed.  

How lines of credit benefit your customers

  • Continuous access to the capital they need today and in the future 

  • Buy and receive product now, pay for it overtime

  • Low minimum draws and interest rates, plus no early payment penalties 

  • Fixed monthly payments on just the amount drawn

  • Funds are deposited directly into their business operating account

  • Flexibility to use line of credit to support ongoing purchases and cash flow needs

  • Provides a financial safety net for unforeseen capital needs

How offering lines of credit to your customers helps your bottom line 

  • Customers have quick access to the funds they need to make purchases

  • Funds can be used for purchases, installation and servicing

  • Receive payment up front and by preferred payment method

  • Promotes repeat purchases as the customer has access to capital

  • Eliminates the risk of extending own payment terms

Checkout our loan calculator

Use our Loan Payment Calculator to provide your customers with pay over time options via Fundation. Sharing monthly payment options upfront along with full price purchase amount results in more sales. You get paid upfront and your customer pays Fundation back overtime. 

With a line of credit, a $5,500 bottle labeler can be as low as $392 per month. 

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