Adding contacts is easy in Sprig. You can add one contact at a time, or many! We recommend adding more than one at a time for efficiency, but we'll walk you through both.

Adding multiple contacts

By .csv file

The easiest way to add multiple contacts is by uploading a .csv file to Sprig. If your contacts are in a spreadsheet, all you have to do is export the file.

If you are importing contacts from Quickbooks or another similar program, they may also allow you to export a list of your contacts into a .csv file.

If you're not sure how to do this, click here.

Step 1: Adding your contacts

From your dashboard, click "Import contact list". Click "Choose a file". You'll be prompted to select a file from your computer.

Step 2: Mapping your contacts

Once you've chosen your file, you'll be asked whether the first row in your spreadsheet contains column names. If you're not sure what this means, here's a quick example.

  • Click yes if: The first row of your spreadsheet contains column headers such as "Email" "First name" and "Last name".

  • Click no if: The first row of your spreadsheet contains values such as "", "Joelle" and "Green".

Next, you'll be prompted to match the columns in your spreadsheet with fields in Sprig. If you're intimidated, don't worry! It's actually very simple. Here's a breakdown.

This field is the column name from your spreadsheet. It won't be added to Sprig - it's just for your reference. (If you selected "No" in the previous step, it'll be blank)

This is where you can select the Sprig field where you would like your data to go. In other words, if you have a column called "first_name" in your spreadsheet, you can tell Sprig that you would like everything from your "first_name" column to go into the "First Name" field in Sprig.

Sprig tries to guess which field you would like to use, but you can change this field by clicking the arrow on the right side of the text box. This will drop down a list of fields that already exist in Sprig.

You can also create a brand new field. To do this, simply type the the name of your new field into the text box and click "Create [new field]".

This area here simply gives you an idea of what data you're matching, so that you can make sure the proper columns get matched up.

This next step is very important.

For every field, click "Confirm mapping" or "Ignore this section". If you don't do this, any new field that you create will not be imported. You MUST click "Confirm mapping" for your new fields to be added to Sprig.

If you don't want a field in your spreadsheet to be added to Sprig, just click "Ignore this column".

When you're done with this step, your window will look something like this.

Now you can click "Continue" which will bring you to a preview of the data and fields that will be imported into Sprig. If Sprig detects any errors, it will highlight the cell in red. Mousing over the cell will bring up a message that tells you what's wrong with the cell in question. You can then edit that cell by double clicking on it.

If you notice that you're missing columns, or if columns you don't want are showing up, you can click "Go back" and try again.

If everything looks good, click "Continue" and you're done!

By manual input

You can also type in the contacts you want to add. After clicking "Import contact list" from your dashboard, click on a cell and start typing. Note that you cannot add new fields with this method.

When all of your contacts have been input, click "Continue" and you're all set!

Adding a single contact

In Sprig you can also add a single contact at a time.

From your dashboard, Click "New contact".

A dialogue box like the one below will appear, prompting you about your new contact.

Finally, click "Continue" and you're all set!

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