What is a custom field?

If there is information about a contact that you would like to store, you can add a custom field.

Please note: when you add a custom field, the field (but not the value) will be created for every customer in your workspace.

For example, say you are on the contact card of a client named Joelle Green. You would like to add a custom field called "Industry", and you want the value for Joelle Green to be "Manufacturing". When you create the custom field, every contact in your workspace will now have a field called "Industry". However, only Joelle Green will have the value "Manufacturing" entered in for that field.

How to add a custom field

To add a custom field, click on a contact. Next to the "Custom Fields" area, you'll see a pencil icon.

Click on the icon and a dialogue box will appear prompting you to enter the field name and the field value.

  • The field name is the description of the data in that field. For example, "Industry", "Region", "Source", etc.

  • The field value is data about a specific contact. For example, "Beverage Production", "Midwest USA", "ABC Tradeshow", etc.

We also ask you the data type of the data you're adding. The data type is essentially the format of the data you would like to add. It helps our software to properly display and sort the information you input. If you're not sure what data type to choose, here's a break down:

  • "Text" typically means a string of letters and characters. Some examples are "Beverage Production", "Region 3", and "#A1249D"

  • "Date" is a calendar date such as October 15, 2020. When you choose date as a data type, you will be able to use a date picker to pick your desired date. You can also type it in with the format mm/dd/yyyy.

  • "Number" means that your value must be a number only. For example "100" qualifies for the number data type, but "100 cases" would be a text data type, not a number data type.

When you finish typing in your field name, data type and field value, click "Create" and you're all set!

Editing custom fields

To edit a custom field you have previously made, simply go to any contact and click the "Edit" icon. From there you can change the field name, field value, or data type.

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