Your Pipeline organizes yours leads into distinct stages of the sales funnel. You can navigate your Pipeline from the left sidebar of your Home page.

Hover over the sidebar for an expanded view.

Your Pipeline has five distinct active stages: New Leads, Assigned Leads*, Quoted Leads, Negotiations, and Orders. (*The ability to assign leads is only available to Coordinators)

It also has three passive stages: Leads Won, Leads Lost, and Archive. 

Leads automatically move down the stages of your Pipeline as you act on them, but you can also manually change the Pipeline stage of a lead or archive a lead from the active stages of your Pipeline.

Any lead with new customer activity that requires some action from you appears in two places: 

1. Its designated Pipeline stage, and 

2. A separate Priorities list at the top of your Pipeline. Learn more about Priorities here.

Need more guidance?

Here's an in-depth video tutorial on how to use Kinnek:

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