On Kinnek, you’ll discover leads from all stages in the sales funnel, from customers who are browsing to customers who are ready to buy. These customers might fall within a range of different purchasing timelines. Getting leads from Kinnek is different from getting direct inquiries through your website or phone line, but Kinnek helps you build awareness about your company to a new and larger customer base without much effort. Kinnek can supplement your existing way of doing business.

Nurturing every lead you get yields the best sales results. Even if a company isn’t ready to buy yet, if you make an impression now, they’ll remember you when they’re ready to buy. You can do this by sending a warm introduction about your company, a personalized note, educational materials about your products, and a budgetary quote. 

Kinnek also offers valuable Customer Insights that help identify the warmest leads by showing you which customers are actively engaging with your quotes, preferring your quotes over your competitors’, or purchasing related products. Customer Insights appear within your Priorities when available. You can leverage this unique information to improve your win rate by following up more proactively with leads that display these insights.

You can also improve your sales conversaion by using Kinnek as an opportunity to market your business. Building out your company profile, improving your responsiveness, and adding customer reviews will: 

  1. Boost visibility for your company, and 

2. Help your company stand out to customers who are in the decision-making phase.

Read more about using Kinnek as a marketing tool here

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