Price is just one of many factors that customers consider when evaluating products and suppliers on Kinnek. From interviews and survey of Kinnek customers, we’ve found a whole range of other factors that are important to their final decision. These include:

Communication & Customer Service

Kinnek customers value good customer service. One benchmark they use to assess a supplier’s level of customer service is their responsiveness or time to respond to their request. Generally, customers appreciate when suppliers respond quickly, are willing to educate them about their products, and available to answer questions. Warranties and post-purchase support and maintenance can also help seal the deal.


Quality of products is just as important to customers as price. When they’re purchasing online, it can be difficult for customers to assess product quality. You can help your quote stand out by attaching high-resolution photos, videos, and spec sheets to your quotes. The customer view of your quote features photo, video, and PDF attachments very prominently.


Reputation is a big deal to customers. Your company profile and personal profile are great places to showcase your brand and accolades in writing. Two of the most important features of your company profile are your customer reviews and references. Customers use these as an indication of quality, leaning on the real-life experiences of peer companies who’ve used your products. 

Adding reviews to your profile are any easy way to recreate the word-of-mouth effect online. A few positive reviews can go a long way in helping online customers feel secure in their purchase, especially if it’s a large one.

References go a bit further than reviews and also enhance your reputation. They are a list of past customers on your company profile who are willing to share information about their experience with your products if contacted.


To minimize shipping costs as much as possible, many customers are interested in where your office or closest warehouse is located. Some prefer being within driving distance so that they can meet you in person or see the product before making a decision. 

On Kinnek, every new lead displays the customer’s location. 

On the flip side, your company location is displayed to the customer. You can also list your warehouse locations in your quotes.

Some customers give importance to where products are manufactured, which they use as a proxy for quality. If your products are made in the USA, you should highlight that!


Customers consider all of these factors together -- not just price -- before making a purchase.

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