Customer Insights provide a powerful way to identify the warmest leads. We leverage our unique data on customer behavior to show you which customers bought related products, prefer your quotes over your competitors, and are actively engaging with your quotes in real-time. We recommend following up with these customers with additional information or reminders.

Customer Insights appear as their own category within your Priorities

Here’s a full list of all the Customer Insights you might receive:

  • Customer recently bought related products on Kinnek

  • Customer reviewed your quote in detail

  • Customer's purchase timeframe is close

  • Customer revisited your quote after X days

  • Customer visited your quote on X unique days

  • Customer last visited your quote X days ago

  • Customer visited your quote more than competitor quotes

  • Customer is strongly considering your quote against competitor quotes

  • Customer rejected most competitor quotes

  • Customer compared your quote with competitor quotes

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Check out this in-depth video tutorial on how to use Kinnek: 

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