What are pipeline stages?

A pipeline stage is a customizable field that you can use to keep track of the status of your customers. It's designed to help you prioritize your leads and help you gain a better bird's eye view of the status of your leads.

Many other CRMs have pre-made pipeline stages that you must choose from, but we've decided to give you full control to create pipeline stages that work for you and your business.

Some common pipeline stages are:

  • New leads

  • Qualified

  • Negotiation

  • Closing

  • Confirmed

We leave it to you to create whatever stages work best for you. No matter what you create, we display the stages of all your contacts in a chart on your dashboard so you can always see what your pipeline looks like in real time.

Creating a pipeline stage

To create a pipeline stage, click on a customer. Click on the red "+" sign next to "Pipeline" to create a new stage.

If you've created a pipeline stage before and want to add a new one, look for the "+" sign next to the drop down.

You'll be prompted to type in your new stage. Then, click "Create" and you're done!

Assigning a pipeline stage to a customer

Once you've created a few pipeline stages, they're very easy to assign to a customer. Simply click the drop down and you'll be able to select the pipeline stage that you want.

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