How many quotes can I send?

As many as you need! There’s currently no limit to the amount of quotes you can send with Sprig.

How do I know if a customer viewed a quote?

At the top of a quote, you’ll see the date and time that the quote was sent. If the customer has viewed it, a second date and time stamp below will indicate when it was last viewed otherwise it will state “Not yet viewed.”

How will I know when my customers are online so I can chat with them?

A green dot next to a customer’s name means that they are currently online and available to chat. When you click on a quote that you have sent, a message bar will appear on the right side of the page where you can exchange messages and files with your customer. Both you and your customer will receive browser alerts (if enabled) when there’s a new message, even if you navigate to a new window.

What if my customers want to share files with me related to the quote? Can I send files through the chat function?

Yes! You can send PDFs, jpgs, pngs, gifs, movs, mpgs, and more using the chat box. No more scrolling through multiple email chains to find supplemental information for your quotes like images or artwork. With Sprig everything is organized in one convenient place.

Can my customers view my quotes on their phones?

Yes! We know your customers are busy and on the go, so we designed Sprig to display beautifully on cell phones as well as desktop computers. All functions of Sprig quoting work on mobile devices including live chat.

What if I don't know the phone number or full street address of a customer that I want to submit a quote to?

All you need to send a quote is the customer’s email address. All the other information is completely optional.

What happens when one of my customers gets a quote from me, and then decides to move forward with a purchase?

Our partnership with Fundation allows your customers access to financing solutions that might help them purchase from you instead of the competition. Fundation provides term loans as well as access to lines of credit to help turn larger purchases into more manageable monthly payments.

When will I get email notifications about quotes sent through Sprig?

We will email you to let you know when your customer has viewed your quote so you can respond in real time if you are available. You will also receive email notifications when you receive new chat messages from customers.

When will my customers get email notifications from Sprig?

Your customers will receive an email to let them know that they have a new quote from you ready to view. They will also receive email alerts when you update your quote and/or send them messages.

Do my customers need to have accounts or signup in any way before viewing my quotes?

No, customers do not need to sign up or log in to view your quotes. They simply click on the link in the email and are able to view the quote.

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