You received a lead from Kinnek, reviewed customer’s request, and sent out a quote for their desired product - congrats! What happens next? 

Your customer will receive an email notification when you send your quote. Once they follow the link in the email, they will land in their Kinnek homepage, which displays a list of incoming quotes for their product requests.

 List View

From here, the customer can click into each quote for a more detailed view. The detailed view contains all of the information that you submitted: product specifications, pricing, customized message, shipping information, and additional attachments. The quote prominently displays visual media such as photo and video, so that’s one way to make a great first impression.

Detailed Quote View

In this detailed view, the customer sees how well your quote matches up against their request. They can take personal notes about your quote for their reference and use the messaging tool to ask you questions. They can also click on your company name to view your full company profile, including reviews and references.

Going back to the list view, the customer can also click the “Compare” button for a side-by-side view comparison of the quotes they received from our suppliers. Customers see an alert where quoted product specifications are not included or don’t match up with their original request.

Comparison View

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