Below is a summary of the benefits and terms that a supplier partner agrees to when becoming a member of Kinnek’s platform. Note that this is not an exhaustive list. We recommend that you read the contract in its entirety. To access Kinnek’s full terms of service, go here

Membership Overview

As a Kinnek member, you’ll enjoy premium features that help you get the most from the platform. These benefits include:

  • Access to a powerful network of small and medium sized businesses
  • An online profile to showcase your business
  • Ability to connect with and quote buyers looking for what you sell
  • A dedicated Kinnek Account Specialist

Kinnek is a great way to manage your online reputation, to connect with businesses looking for products that you sell, and to drive new sales.

Membership Duration and Renewal

Your subscription renews automatically unless you cancel it. 

  • If you wish to cancel your account, you can do so at any time by contacting our support team at
  • Cancellation of your account will take effect at the end of the month in which you request a cancellation.

While we don’t anticipate it, Kinnek may make changes to our membership fees and terms from time to time. If so, we’ll provide you with a 14 day advanced notice so that you have the opportunity to opt out of the program if you do not wish to continue. 

Billing Policies and Fees

  • When you sign up for a membership, you’ll be able to review the pricing plan and fees associated with your membership on the “Membership” page. 
  • Membership plans consist of a monthly platform fee and a commission on sales. These details will be listed in the billing section within your account. 
  • The membership fee and any outstanding fees will be billed to your payment method on file on the first of the month, along with an invoice that summarizes the amount charged. 
  • If your credit card is no longer active, you are responsible for paying any outstanding balances within 30 days.

Win Reporting Policy

Reporting your wins directly enhances your performance on Kinnek. Our goal is to match high quality buyers with the Kinnek supplier that is most relevant to what the buyer is looking for. Therefore, wins help Kinnek know how relevant you are on various requests. With more wins reported, you’ll receive more and better leads, priority ranking, increased visibility, and better insights and reports from Kinnek.

Here is our policy for win reporting as a Kinnek member:

  • You agree to report all platform wins to Kinnek within 30 days of the sale.
  • Sales made through Kinnek Pay are automatically recorded. 
  • If payment happens outside of Kinnek for any reason, you are responsible for uploading the invoice to Kinnek. 
  • If we learn of a sale through another channel, e.g. a customer reports a purchase with you, we’ll reach out to you. If you do not confirm or deny the sale after 30 days, Kinnek may add the appropriate commission fees to your account balance.

To see more about why win reporting matters, go here.

Kinnek Pay

Kinnek Pay is an internal B2B payment processor that customers use to pay suppliers for their purchases on Kinnek. It makes it easy for customers to pay you in-product by credit card, wire transfer, or ACH. Wire transfer and ACH are safer alternatives to paper check and especially suitable for larger transactions. 

While Kinnek Pay is an optional feature that is designed to make transactions easier and faster for buyers, it is not required. We do, however, ask that you sign up for Kinnek Pay when you create your membership so that customers can have the option to pay via this method.

For more information about transacting through KinnekPay, go here

Transaction Policies, Shipping, and Disputes

  • Any product you send a customer must be in good condition and in line with how you present it.
  • You are responsible for shipping the product directly to the customer.
  • You are required to uphold your standard return policy with each product that you sell. 
  • You are responsible for any refunds in connection with customer complaints. 
  • Kinnek also has our own payment dispute policy to ensure a healthy marketplace and satisfied customers. In such a dispute, if Kinnek determines that a customer is entitled to a refund, you are required to refund the balance within 30 days of notification. 
  • For more information about this policy and what it entails, go here

Restrictions on Use

We are here to support a healthy marketplace and platform that allows customers searching for products to connect with suppliers. In order to achieve this, there are certain things that you can’t do on Kinnek. These include:

  • You can’t use our site for market research on a competing business. 
  • You can’t spam or otherwise mass contact registered users. 
  • You can’t use the site to disparage or criticize Kinnek.

Other use issues to keep in mind:

  • You, and not Kinnek, are responsible for all content that you upload to our site.
  • You are responsible for the quality, legality, safety, and efficacy of the product that you’re supplying to a customer.
  • You are liable for any use, misuse, and information entered into the site.

In order to ensure that our marketplace is safe, secure, and well functioning, we reserve the right to accept or cease partnership with any visitor, user, or partner that violates our full terms. 

For an exhaustive list of terms, see Kinnek’s full terms of use.

We value Kinnek members and it is our goal to create the best marketplace possible so that everyone can benefit. If you have any questions about our Terms of Service, please don’t hesitate to ask us at 

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